If you’re thinking of making 2022 the year you install a basement wet bar, it’s always helpful to have an idea of key trends. We’ve brought together the four top basement bar characteristics that are currently on-trend, giving you the information you need to for a basement bar design that’s stylish, functional, and exactly what’s needed to meet your 2022 entertainment and leisure demands.

Read on to discover how to create a wet bar that showcases the very best of basement bar trends.

Hi-tech Entertainment is Vital

Previously, a basement wet bar might be little more than a counter with a few glasses and bottles, along with a couch and TV. Those days are long gone – a growing number of people are choosing to use their wet bar as the main location for their entertaining and entertainment. Whether you’ve got friends round to party, want to watch a movie in style, or need to put in some serious gaming time, it’s important your wet bar space has the right tech to meet your needs.

As well as a premium sound system, you’re also going to need a suite of audio-visual equipment and suitable lighting. SMART tech means that your entertainment can all be controlled from your phone, which opens up a wealth of opportunities.

Family Focus

For a variety of reasons, many families are now committed to spending a lot more time together. There’s also an increased focus on home entertaining and providing family-friendly activities that are suitable for all ages.

Wet bars need to reflect this. As well as stocking juice boxes, and bottles of soft drinks (space for a dedicated cooler is ideal), there’s also a need for under-counter space that can hold gadgets such as a soda stream, popcorn maker, cookie maker, and/or ice cream maker. 

Under-Counter Cabinets

The move towards in-house entertaining means the wet bar is often called on to provide a wider range of functions than was traditionally the case. As well as an ice maker and chiller cabinet,  there’s also a need for a wine store and an array of gadgets for making everything from pies to popcorn. You may also wish to use the wet bar as a base from which to serve party food, in which case a microwave, fridge, and space to store cutlery and crockery are also helpful.

A dishwasher is also a useful addition.

Increasingly, wet bars are resembling small galley kitchens in terms of their facilities and storage space.

Install a Wine Cooler

Wine coolers are right on trend, as a growing number of people delight in growing their collection of fine wines. Built-in wine coolers are available with one, two, or three temperature zones, providing a perfect storage environment for a variety of wines.

When you’re ready to start your basement bar remodel, the experienced, imaginative team at XPand, Inc. is here to help. Get in touch for a FREE assessment of your at-home bar needs and a no-obligation quote.

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