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Expand or Add-On to Your Garage

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Do you need more space in your garage? Do you have a one or two stall garage but would like space for another car? Or maybe your looking to add more space for lawn care equipment or that new motorcycle you just scored. Possibly some work out equipment like bikes or a punching bag, or a workshop if that’s more your thing.
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Whatever you need, Xpand, Inc. is here for you. We can Xpand your garage giving you that extra space you’ve been looking for.

Here are a couple things to think about when thinking about your dream addition.

  • First you’ll have to determine whether or not it’s physically feasible to fit a garage or extra garage slot on your lot. Find out how close you can build to the edges of your property.  Also, find out any restrictions that apply to garages in your community. Some require certain doors or windows etc.
    Local rules might also govern driveway design, wall or roof height, and the total amount of percentage of your lot you can cover with impervious surface. We would love to send out one of our own to help you with this, please give us a call.
  • Now the next decision is whether or not to attach the garage to your house or build it separate. An attached garage usually costs much less, and has the convenience factor. You stay dry, save on walking, and it’s easier to use part of the space as a mudroom, pantry, laundry area or other extension of your house. A detached garage does have it’s advantages, especially if you add a breezeway connector to shelter against weather. A separate garage keeps the exhaust fumes, dust and noise of a workshop out of your house.

We have the perfect team to help you get what you want! Give us a call today for inquires!

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