Eden Prairie Minnesota

Foyer View towards living room with fireplace and large windows
Eden Prairie Eden Prairie Minnesota is a place of outstanding quality, voted best place in America to live in 2010 by MONEY magazine. This is no surprise though, Eden Prairie boasts an outstanding community ripe with diversity, housing options, parks and nature walks, a terrific school system all bundled with the amenities of a metropolitan area like Saint Paul! Eden Prairies government has a goal of making any new comers to the city feel immersed and like they belong with the community, which benefits not only those who just move there, but also the rest of the community, furthering the the community bonds and appreciation of each other.
School System Eden Prairie belongs to Eden Prairie school system, which have contiguous boundaries between the community and the school system which not only shares a name, but also the desire to see the best for the kids and their future. Eden Prairie’s investment and involvement for their children’s growth is what has been a large factor in being named one of the top cities to live and have a family raised.
Transportation When it comes to transportation methods, a new light rail implementation is in the works, which will allow those in between Eden Prairie and downtown Minneapolis to have greater access to work, social events, cultural events, you name it!
Community When it comes to community events in Eden Prairie, you will not be able to find a place in Minnesota that offers this much. The Parks and Recreations plan community events regularly, offering an increase in opportunities to reach out to other community members and develop stronger relations. One of the most renowned events would have to be the Fourth of July celebrations that boast some of the best fireworks displays in the metropolitan area along with some bands and musical groups. Everything you could need to have a great time out with the friends and family. Along the same route of things to do, Eden Prairie has just finished remodeling their community center, which now holds a pool complex and boasts two large competitive swimming pools for the intense swimmers, while some great slides and recreational needs for those lax swimmers!