Building a House Addition: Pros and Cons

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Are you thinking of building a house addition?

Before you decide on a home addition, it makes sense to weigh up the pros and cons first. While there are benefits to making your house bigger, there are drawbacks too — it makes sense to take them all into account.

Below we’ve outlined some of the main pros and cons to help you make your decision — just keep reading below to find out all you need to know. 

Pro: Increase Value

Generally, a home addition will increase the market value of the property. Therefore, a higher listing price is likely. 

Take into account the estimated cost of the home addition beforehand, and if you feel like you’ll be able to recoup the cost when it comes to selling your house, it may make financial sense to go ahead with it. 

There are no guarantees, as nobody can predict the future of the housing market, but a house addition should definitely help. 

Con: Disruptions During Construction

While you might consider it a price worth paying in order to get the end result, the process of building a house can be pretty disruptive. 

You might lose areas or rooms of your house on a temporary basis if work needs to be carried out, or your water or electricity might be switched off. 

If everybody is at work and school during the day, this might not be such a problem, but working and studying from home can be made a lot more difficult. 

Pro: Give You More Space

Building an addition is probably the most obvious way to make additional space for houses. If you need more space for whatever reason — maybe you’ve had plans for years but not had the budget until now, or perhaps your family is growing — a house addition or remodel will give you what you need!

Meanwhile, you’re in control. You can create a personalized living space to suit you and your family.

How do you want the new space to look? Bring your ideas to life.

Con: Losing Yard Space

Unless you’re building another story, which comes with its own challenges — including but not limited to needing to vacate the whole property for a while — your new space will probably mean that you’ll have a smaller yard as a result. 

If you’re happy to have a smaller yard in return for building a house addition, go ahead! However, not everybody will be, so it’s worth thinking it over.

Pro: Easier Than Moving

Maybe you feel like a bit of a change, or you need more space, but you like the area and you’re attached to your current home, or you simply don’t want the bother and upheaval that comes with moving house.

Building a home addition is generally less stressful than moving house, and your house addition budget is likely to place a smaller dent in your finances than the cost of moving house.

Deciding On a House Addition

A house addition could be great for you and your family, but it won’t be right for everyone. Consider the pros and cons we’ve outlined before making a decision, so you know you’ll be doing the right thing. 

If you do decide on a home addition, we can help! Get in touch with us today to find out what we can do for you.

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