Breakfast Nook, the New Place for a Light Meal and a Book!

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Kitchens are fantastic, they offer a wide variety of options that most always involve great food, people, and atmosphere. Often, when thinking of a kitchen, there is the cooking area, and the seating area, but little did you know there is a secret location often forgotten despite its amazing qualities.

A Kitchen nook! A small location right off of the kitchen that is a great seating for small meals/snacks. Kitchen nooks often are accompanied with small tables and built in seating next to a nice wide three panel window for an added relaxing atmosphere.

So what are some important factors when thinking about installing a kitchen nook? Let’s break it down!


Kitchen nooks often take advantage of smaller little locations near the kitchen to emphasize a cozy feeling and have a charming effect. However this could also be a challenge because you don’t want to cramp the space with a bunch of furniture and items for cosmetics. When developing the layout its important to think about how many people this room can hold at once as well as the size of the furniture. For example, a round table top between 42 and 60 inches in diameter would work best generally for this nook.


When considering the light fixture for this nook, it’s important to consider the objects below. If your table and chairs are relatively simple minimal designs, a strong light fixture with prominent sculptural aspects would help bring the room together and give both aspects of simple and complex great attendance and contrast with each other. If you have a more complex and design heavy table and seating, then a very minimal and simple light fixture would work best!

Window treatment

When this space is developed, it’s important to keep in mind the small quirk of the space, and to accommodate the atmosphere accordingly, especially when it comes to temperature. Take note of the peak sunlight times in the nook to understand when it will be the hottest and try to find a balance for that, while also considering the winter months and cold air. Alter the windows to fit the theme and style of the nook with the curtains, but also think about curtains that help control the flow of temperature from outdoors. Custom drapery can be a great insulation between the window and room!

Breakfast nooks can be a place for small snacks and meals, as well as family game spots that allow for a comfy atmosphere and appealing visual aesthetic. There are many ways in which this nook can be made to work, so much as you always keep in mind the flow of the space and it’s primary functions!

That’s all for today on kitchen nooks! If you need a remodel on the home to open some space for a kitchen nook please don’t hesitate to call! We will work with you through every step of the way to ensure this becomes apart of your dream home concept! 

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