Autumn Maintenance! What Needs to Be Done to Prepare!

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Autumn is a brisk season! Full of long-sleeve shirts and hoodies, pumpkins and apple cider. Autumn is one of the most vibrant of the seasons and can be an inspiring time for change and growth! However, the chilly wind and foreboding of winter is to be taken serious! As a homeowner you’ll need to make sure your home is maintained well enough for the coming weather conditions!

This checklist will surely help set you in the right direction!

  • Cracks, nooks and crannies! Openings in sealant around windows, doors or others of the sort can cause a chilly breeze through the home and amp up those heating costs! Be sure to go around your home and check all the spaces that have sealant and ensure there are no openings/ cracks that’s letting the brisk air in, among other things!


  • Insulation in your home is vital for keeping the warmth. Check your homes insulation and ensure you have enough, ensuring there are no exposed joists!


  • Take a moment to check the condition of your furnace. Replace the filters of your furnace if necessary and ensure its in working order so there is no issues during the colder days!


  • Water lines can sometimes freeze during the odd autumn temperature drops, so make sure they are also insulated well to avoid any freezing pipes! You can also clean out the lines before hand which will help reduce the possibility of clogs and freezing.


  • Drain your water heater! Over time, the water heater has sediments build up, which can cost efficiency by 50%! Be sure to drain those sediment buildups out and keep your water heaters efficiency running high as possible!


  • Gutters and the like! Ensure there is no clogging by leaves or other debris in your gutter. Clogged gutters can lead to leaking/flooding in a home which is no fun for anyone.


  • Ensure your roofs integrity is in proper condition. Check the tiles/panels and make sure there are no broken/cracked/missing pieces. This will also help avoid leaks as well as possible mold/rot development.


  •  As mentioned in a past article, its important to check your chimney for any buildups of soot or harmful oils. You don’t want a surprise chimney fire whilst sitting down on a chilly night next to a comfy fireplace!


You have the tools and need to make the time to ensure your home is in proper condition for the coming season(s). Don’t let your home become a shadow of what it used to be!

While your at it, be sure to call us about your dream home additions! Fireplace, decks (maintenance free!), and garages oh my! Happy autumn falling everyone, from one family to another.

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