A Kitchen Remodel Designed for Entertaining

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If you had the resources to remodel any room in your house which would you choose? Most people are likely to say the kitchen. Especially anyone who entertains company often.  

The average kitchen remodels cost upward of $60,000. And that’s with keeping the same footprint and making only minor updates. But if you entertain a lot, your kitchen remodeling may be more extensive.

Here are some fantastic ideas for a kitchen remodel designed for entertaining. Planning the right updates promises you the biggest return on investment

Open Up the Kitchen

If you’re a fan of HGTV you’ve heard the phrase “open concept” hundreds of times. It refers to a floor plan designed for entertaining. No matter which living space your company’s in, everyone’s part of the conversation.

Depending on the size of your kitchen, you may need to knock down a wall to achieve the perfect open floor plan. But creating an easy path to carry food from the kitchen to another gathering area is well worth it. Plus, why should you feel trapped in the kitchen when everyone else is in the living room. 

Install a Large Island

Hosting a party is enough responsibility, so don’t spend the evening serving guests. Have a large island installed in a wide kitchen space. This creates a space to display hors d’oeuvres for guests to partake at their leisure. 

If you have an extra-large kitchen you could have two islands. Surround it with seating that invites everyone to gather in that area. Island seating in an open floor plan provides room for overflow from adjacent rooms. 

Make Your Small Kitchen Look Bigger

It’s not about the size of the space but how you use it. Don’t get discouraged if removing walls and installing islands aren’t doable options. There are some small kitchen remodel solutions that create room for entertaining. 

Give the allusion of an expanded kitchen by incorporating the right elements. Install white cabinets with glass doors and update your countertops. Extend hardwood flooring into the kitchen or install light-colored linoleum or tile.

Even brightening the walls and adding the right lighting makes a huge difference. These are all great ideas to keep your kitchen remodel cost reasonable. And they also make your small kitchen more appealing for entertaining.

Include a Beverage Station

You have food on the island but your guests deserve drinks too. Create a space nearby where everyone can serve themselves. Keep it stocked with glasses, ice, and a selection of cold beverages. 

This is a remodel so go all the way. Add a wine cooler to your beverage station to display your favorite collection. 

A Kitchen Remodel Designed for Entertaining 

There are so many creative remodel ideas to consider. When guests start to gather in the kitchen you need more than standing room. Create a space for seating, self-serving, and uninterrupted conversation.

Don’t squander an opportunity to add value to your home. Contact Xpand, Inc. and we’ll work with you to design the kitchen remodel of your dreams. 

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