8 Ways to Breathe Life into Your Kitchen

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The kitchen is designed to be a work space and every aspect of it tends to have a lot of thought put into it. But always remember to include some type of personalization. Here are eight ways you can breathe life into your kitchen.

Add a Backsplash. If you decide that you just need one focal point of design in your kitchen, the backsplash will add the splash of design your kitchen needs. There are lots of ways to get creative with it, like ceramic or porcelain tiles. There are many other materials and finishes available such as stone slate and exposed brick.

Let the Light In. If you plan to have hanging lights in your kitchen, pick ones that will add some character. A well picked light fixture can largely influence the appearance of your kitchen.

Island Focal Point. In the event that you have a kitchen island in the middle of your kitchen, make it your focal point by painting it an alternative color. Since it is only one section of the kitchen, feel free to be bold. This will add a pop to the area that you won’t regret.

Dual-Tone Cabinets. Similar to painting your island a different color, you can also use two different colors on the upper and lower cabinets. This will add depth to the room and can make it feel more open.

Hang some Artwork. When designing a kitchen, we usually center our focus towards necessities like food storage, appliances, and countertop space. Once these are set in place, you might want to consider putting some artwork on display. A well-placed poster, painting, or otherwise will be an addition you won’t be able to ignore. Just remember if you plan on hanging your art above a stove or sink, protect your piece with the appropriate heat-resistant or water-resistant frame.

Switch Out Cabinet Hardware. The fastest way to positively influence kitchen cupboards is to replace the handles. There are several materials and designs including leather, metal, or wood. Make sure to pick a design that works with the remainder of the area to quickly refresh the appearance of the room.

Shift the Attention to The Floor. Breathe some life into your kitchen by picking an interesting floor. Ceramic tiles are a decent choice, and they arrive in a scope of styles and hues, so there ought to be something to suit your needs.

Add Open Shelves. Wall cupboards are great for hiding clutter away, but in the event that you want to add some character, it is worth adding some open shelves. They are easy to access, and they can really add to the style of the room. The key is to pick appealing items to show and keeping them clean.

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