6 Features You Need in Your Kitchen Today!

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You can add character and functionality to your kitchen by adding one or more of these amazing features! These six features will leave your family happy and your guests impressed.

Touch-Sensitive Faucet: A touch-sensitive faucet is great for the kitchen. No matter how dirty your hands get, just tap the faucet with your wrist and the water starts flowing!

Pot Filler: A Pot Filler is basically a faucet with an extra-long, movable head that allows you to fill a pot while it is already on the stove. This will save you time and energy. Being able to heat up the pot while it’s being filled is a gamechanger. For the heavier pots you may thank yourself because you won’t have to lug that heavy thing full of water to the stovetop.

Trash / Recycling Drawer: Hideaway your trash and get yourself a trash / recycling drawer for your kitchen area! This will class up the kitchen area by hiding the less pretty items like your trash and recycling. These drawers typically go down to the floor and are accessible by everyone.

Under-Cabinet Lighting: A nice touch to put in your kitchen to add more ambiance is under-cabinet lighting. Choose any color for any mood. Undercabinet lighting will have you covered from bright white for meal prep, to a dim yellow for some nighttime reading.

Garage / Pantry Drawer: Transform your grocery unpacking routine by installing a garage to pantry door. This is a door that leads directly from your garage to your pantry, allowing you to easily transfer your groceries from your car to your kitchen without running around the house.

Farmhouse Sink: Make your time at the sink an enjoyable one. A farmhouse style sink has a bit of a different style and a lot more functionality. They are deep enough to hold the larger pots and pans to soak and the tend to be installed a bit lower than your average sink. This means it will be more accessible for everyone.

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