6 Custom She Shed Ideas for a Backyard Escape

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There’s nothing like having your own personal backyard retreat. 

And by building a custom she shed, it can be anything you desire. But with so many ways to design it, which concept is best for you? 

Keep reading to learn 6 ways to transform your she shed into the getaway of your dreams. 

1. Calm and Quiet 

If you’re looking for a relaxing sanctuary to read or take some downtime, this one’s for you. 

For the interior design, try white detailing and wooden accents. Add a reading nook, a bookshelf, some strings of light bulbs, and a luxurious couch with colorful pillows. Clean and bright is always a win. 

You could even include a mini-fridge or a wine rack for those nights in with the ladies! 

2. Artists Retreat 

If you’re an artist, turn your she shed into an art studio!  

Set up an easel, some brushes, and paints. Have a wide-open entrance area so you can gaze out at your beautiful yard while you paint. 

To accentuate your art, paint your she shed white. Use the décor to add pops of color by adding a bright accent rug or some finished pieces up on the wall. It will speak to the character of the shed and make your art the focus. 

3. The Office 

If you need peace and quiet to get some work done, turn your she shed into a home (away from home) office! 

In this shed, you’ll want to include a sizable desk and perhaps a few comfortable chairs.  

For the interior design, the options are endless. Make it bright with big windows and pops of color or classy with darker wood and emerald accents throughout. 

4. Yoga Oasis 

Sometimes, the hustle and bustle of the house just isn’t the right environment to do yoga or meditation. So make your own yoga studio!  

Set up a few yoga mats, candles, incense, yoga blocks, and a speaker. And if you like following along with a video, mount a television on the wall. For a relaxing touch, add a golden buddha, some plants, or a lotus flower design on the wall. 

5. Fairytale Cottage  

If you’ve always wanted to live in a gingerbread house, build yourself a little cottage in your backyard.

To achieve the cottage look outside, create a small deck with some brightly painted rocking chairs. And a window flower box is always a welcome addition.

On the inside, add some rustic accents with antique décor. Using materials such as reclaimed wood and sheet metal is also a great way to achieve this look.  

6. Gardener’s Paradise 

Bring the outside in with this design. 

Surround your shed with beautiful flowers that you’ve planted yourself. And for the inside, add large glass windows, green accents, and lots of potted plants. 

You can also add some rustic gardening tools as wall décor!   

Go Build Your Custom She Shed 

No matter which idea speaks to you, your she shed design will be perfect. Nothing beats having your own unique space to unwind and just be yourself. 

Contact Xpand, Inc to start building your custom she shed today! 

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