5 Home Office Ideas That Will Inspire Productivity

work from home office

More people than ever are working from home, either by choice or because it is required by their employers. 

Working from home has many great benefits, but if your home is not set up with a comfortable work from home office, you might be left feeling uninspired and unproductive. 

Here are 5 home office renovation tips to help you spend your day working from home feeling calm, relaxed, and with a positive mindset.

1. Make Your Home Office Separate

Many people are thrilled when they exchange their office cubicle for a work-from-home experience. But separating your work and home life is more difficult than it seems. 

There is an easy solution: create a separate office for yourself that you use only for work. You can do this by physically sectioning off your office space with a physical barrier or by incorporating a designated home office addition into your home. 

2. Let the Light In 

When considering a home office renovation that improves productivity, focus on adding light. A vibrant, sunny room increases our positive feelings and makes us feel more alert. 

Natural light is ideal, so try to position your office or desk closer to a window. If you don’t get much sun in your home office, consider adding recessed lighting, dimmers, warm lamps, or even string lights. 

3. Declutter Your Space

When considering home office ideas that promote productivity, make minimalism a priority. A clean space free of distraction and clutter helps you concentrate better and improves your mood.  

To do this, try the Marie Kondo method. Her philosophy, to simplify and organize your home and office, is proven to improve mental health. She recommends getting rid of any object that does not serve a purpose or “spark joy.” 

 4. Make Comfort a Priority

Home offices that do not prioritize comfort are sure to leave you feeling unproductive. 

Chances are if you are working from home you are spending many hours a day sitting at your desk. Including an ergonomic chair in your home office will reduce back pain and improve your posture. Comfort is key to feeling happy and healthy in your home office. 

5. Add Some Warm Touches

Any home office design inspiration should include welcoming elements. Including some warm touches to your home office décor will do wonders for your productivity. 

Photographs, artwork, and other accent pieces add a personalized touch to your office space. 

You could also consider painting an accent wall in your favorite color or a mood-boosting color such as blue, orange, or yellow. And don’t forget to add a plant—a touch of green is always a great choice!

Make Your Work From Home Office a Productive Space

There are several ways to increase productivity in your home office space. Make your office your own personal oasis with a comfortable, uncluttered, and bright vibe. 

If you are considering changes to your home office that will improve your productivity, contact us at Xpand, Inc. Whether it’s for an updated work from home office or other home renovations, we provide you with the craftsmanship and quality you and your home deserve. 

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