Basement remodel tips and ideas!

Now that we have all had the luxury of sitting in our homes for the winter while the raging blizzard occurs outside, i’m sure the term “stir crazy” now applies to everyone. Having the time to sit indoors so much, i’m certain some of you are itching to change the interior of your home around.

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View of backyard of house and lake

How to prepare your pool for the fall and winter!

As the temperature drops, so does the desire to be in a pool. Now that the days are getting colder and the nights even more so, it’s time to close down and prepare your pool for the coming seasons. Before starting the incoming list of steps, be sure to advise the label on your pool

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beach day

The best pool and beach accessories for the summer

When the weather turns hot, it’s hard to beat a day at the pool or beach Check out these cool accessories! Multicolored Glasses – Nothing takes the chic out of a poolside party faster than paper cubs. Enter in some multicolored tumblers. In cheerful summer colors, these glasses won’t break, crack, or discolor. Picnic Backpack

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