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Prior Lake New Construction & House Relocation

The project started out with our client meeting with one of our subcontractors to discuss a kitchen and bath refresh. It then grew to adding a bathroom, removing all of the old wood paneling and replacing it with drywall, replacing all of the flooring in the house, replacing all of the windows and exterior doors, and much more.

At this point this subcontractor realized it was out of his league and called us in. During our initial meeting I quickly realized that this was a modular home built in the late 60’s and needed a ton of work to update it. Our client grew up in this house and on this property so she really wanted to stay there forever. After coming back with a bid that was between $200-300 for a remodel I suggested that we start fresh and build her a new house on the existing foundation, she really liked this idea, so we did!

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We first had to fix multiple foundation issues, and we did this by pumping concrete into the existing block foundation, 24 yards to be exact. We then set new 18″ floor trusses on the foundation to allow us to run all of the electrical, HVAC, and plumbing through the trusses and eliminate the soffits and low head room in the basement. The new house includes, custom cabinetry, Marvin windows, LP Smartside, custom wood staircase, and Luxury Vinyl Plank floors for her dogs. We also built her a beautiful new front porch and custom back entry steps with 2 sets of stairs; one set to exit to the sidewalk and steps down to the driveway and the other is to allow her to let her dogs out in the winter into a smaller fenced area.

But wait, there’s more! We also replaced the septic system with a brand new mound system with new tanks.

There were many things that we fixed or replaced due to years of neglect. At the end of the day she has warranties on most things from 1 year to 10. She will be set for as long as she lives in this house.