Kitchen Trends Going Into 2020

Your Kitchen is a huge factor in the overall design of your home. Your kitchen, unlike some other aspects of your home, has more permanent features that it’s comprised of. We’ve done many kitchen builds and remodels and through experience, have noticed the kitchen to be one of the hardest parts of a home for clients to decide on when it comes to design. Read more below to learn about some of the newer trends people are wanting in their kitchen and also some of the longer standing trends.

1. Farmhouse Sinks

Farmhouse sinks are becoming a popular option for home buyers. Unlike a traditional sink, a “Farmhouse sink” or apron sink, leaves the front facing portion of the sink visible instead of being concealed within the counter top. On top of being aesthetically pleasing to some, often times farmhouse sinks are more spacious. They offer more room for washing dishes by hand as well as holding dirty dishes in a home with a large family.

When switching to a farmhouse sink from a traditional the counter top will have to be changed or modified to accommodate. So if you’re thinking about switching sink styles it can also be a good time to get new counter tops! Many times the cabinets below the sink will also have to be modified to be shorter due to the farmhouse sink style. Often times the best time to accommodate for a farmhouse sink is when planning a full remodel of your kitchen. That way it can be seamlessly incorporated into your kitchen. 

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2. Kitchen Islands

Kitchen Islands are continuing to be popular into 2020. Islands can be a great way to utilize unused space or create extra storage and counter top real estate. Most clients opt in for an island for the extra counter top space. It can be used for preparing and staging food, while still keeping an open feel in the kitchen when guests are over. 

A kitchen island can also be a great place to incorporate a breakfast bar! Depending on the size of your kitchen, a big enough island can supply a perfect space for bar stools and a quick morning meal. An island is essentially an extension to the rest of your kitchen counter tops and can be built in a wide variety of counter top surfaces to match the aesthetic of your kitchen.

When determining whether or not a kitchen island is for you, the only thing you really need to consider is the size of your kitchen…if your kitchen is spacious enough, you can’t go wrong with an island!

3. Inclusive Design

Inclusive design is designing a space to be super functional for everyone that may live in or be in your home. It entails features like sufficient lighting, lower kitchen cabinets for easy accessibility, pot fillers over the stove, French doors and swing doors on ovens, and much more! You can’t go wrong with inclusive design especially if you plan on living in your home for a long time. As you or your family gets older it can be a blessing to have easy to use features in your home.

Next time you’re looking to do a kitchen remodel don’t forget about Inclusive design! Feel free to contact Xpand, Inc. for any questions.

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