Bloomington Kitchen Remodel

Ever since our client moved into their 1949 Bloomington rambler 20 years ago, they have dreamt of remodeling the inside. Our team was hired to do a main level remodel which included rebuilding their front deck, updating their ceilings, electrical, HVAC, insulation, and more. But, without a doubt, the centerpiece of all our work was being able to transform their 70’s era kitchen into a beautiful, modern space!

“What was once a jumble of 70’s era Formica and thrown-together fixtures is now a gorgeous space where well-designed features flow logically into each other within the original footprint,” is how our client described the incredible transformation. Take a look for yourself below!

The Details

Increased Storage & Functionality

We were able to take the existing basic footprint of the walls, and completely redesign the room to better utilize the space while increasing storage and functionality in the kitchen.

We built the cabinetry around both sides of a load bearing wing wall giving our client additional cabinet space. We made access to the island cabinets from both sides and also built a pantry like full height cabinet facing the dining area.

Double Ovens & Pantry Cabinets

With some creativity, we were able to remove a hidden chimney and replace their furnace with a high efficiency unit so that we could use that space to add a full height pantry cabinet and double ovens. We were also able to tuck the refrigerator back into the wall for space utilization.

Main Kitchen Area

The main kitchen space functions as much larger than before due to a much better cabinetry design layout and space utilization. Also, notice the grey backsplash tile, the nice LED undercabinet lighting,, and a whiteboard built into a cabinet panel for notes. The backside of the whiteboard is a nice area to shelter a coffee maker and other countertop appliances.