A few cheap and easy outdoor design tips to change things up this summer

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Turn your old table into a focal point

  • Turn that old outdoor table that looks worn down into something new! Throw a vibrant tablecloth or tapestry over it.

Try selecting some low maintenance plants

  • Planting some low maintenance plants can be cost effective but also add some texture and color to your backyard. Succulents, evergreen vines, shrubs and burgundy cordylines  provide great contrasting colors.

Light up your patio 

  • Some white rope lights can really light up your patio and add a nice ambiance. A good way to lighten things up but also not break the bank.
rope lights

Bursts of color 

  • Adding colorful chairs and pillows to the patio with a small end table for drinks can really spice things up and give you a nice to place to relax and have drinks with friends!

Turn nothing into something

  • Try some new things! Got an old wooden crate? Flip it on its side apply a new finish or throw a blanket over it! Now you have yourself a new end table.


  • Need a new center piece? Try a piece of driftwood. If you find the right one, no one will even be able to notice that you just grabbed it from the river!

Cast a glow

  • Rope lights not your thing? Try candles, torches, or lanterns around your patio!