Winter wonderland in an enclosed porch!

The home has a variety of things to offer in terms of functionality and services. I’ve said it once and I will say it again, the home has tremendous potential to become a character of its own. The only limit to what you do with your home is the limit of your imagination!…alright there might be a few other things too but those are currently irrelevant. Something that is often overlooked, and that I think holds great potential is the idea of an enclosed porch! An enclosed porch can offer great potential for use all through the year, no matter the season, and connects the occupants with an intimate relationship with the surrounding nature! Be it storming, snowing, or a bright beautiful day, the enclosed porch will always stay relevant in the home. So what do you need to consider when planning your remodel for the enclosed porch? Let’s break it down!   Aesthetic I’m like a broken record, I know, but aesthetic is a strong element in a home that must not be overlooked. The feeling you get when you walk into the enclosed porch should compliment the natural environment in all of its forms. A strong manner of accomplishing this is to extenuate the roofing, by installing glass panels on the ceiling, to feel further engrossed in the environment. The colors of this room should be painted with the surrounding environment in mind. If you have strong greenery around then use colors that would compliment green. Often cool colors can work well in these room, like a blue/grey, or on the opposite side, a nice tan/cream color has been known to work well. Finally consider the texture relevant in the room. Will you have a stone fireplace and exposed wood supports on the ceiling to match the rough forest in your backyard?  These questions can really decide how well the room ties together with the outside and rest of the inside areas.   Maneuverability  There should be a flow of movement in the room that allows for comfort, because this room is for relaxing and contemplation, or family game night, you name it! Either way this room should allow strong movement which means, don’t pack the room full of furniture to try and overly impress yourself or your guests. This room works best with minimalism. Another thought should be how you enter the room. Will the room be open from the kitchen or living room, with no door for a strong connection to the rest of the home? Or will there be a sliding door to separate the rest of the home and keep that room its own atmosphere?   Elevation of the room Finally, lets consider the elevation of the room. Will this room be level with the rest of the home and have stairs leading downward to the ground level from the enclosed porch? Or would you prefer to have steps leading down from the home, into the porch and then you can walk out into your backyard? Or will you just get rid of the stairs all together and have a slopped entry way into the porch? These forms of entry can decide who can and cant enter the location, while also causing more or less difficulty in certain areas of life. It’s important to consider who will be enjoying this room and what this room will be used for! Maybe you will install a miniature ceramic studio to work under the stars on those inspired nights? I can dream!   I hope you have some ideas swimming about for your homes new enclosed porch! If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact us and we will walk with you through the whole process!