Windows! See the appeal?

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Most people look at windows and don’t give it a second thought. However windows as well as most everything else in your home, has strong functionality aspects that need to be addressed! So lets get to it! Windows can be high performance , made with Ultrex, which is a pultruded fiberglass. Fiberglass outlasts and out performs vinyl, roll-form aluminum and other composite windows. Windows can endure all elements without showing age or wear, making for a strong aesthetic appeal over time, and strong functionality you desire for your home! Lets break down the important functionality factors !
  • Can be extremely durable, due to the fiberglass, the windows remain stable in extreme temperatures and expands almost at the same rate of glass.
  • Fiberglass windows generally have a 38% longer life expectancy, in comparison to vinyl.
  • Ultrex is known to be 8x stronger than vinyl and 3x stronger than the vinyl/wood composites.
  • Resistant to fading, chalking, peeling and cracking. This results in uniquely strong durability.
  • Windows can show a strong variety of finishing options, that involve low maintenance, wood-clad, aluminum exterior. Add a commercial grade finish paint for a strong resistance to wearing and tearing!
  • Windows can be more than durable, they are energy efficient. Some  windows meet or exceed federal energy guidelines. This allows for a reduced environmental impact, as well as savings on heating and cooling bills!
  • There are windows that have an impressive 79% of UV rays reflected.
  • Some types of windows have no wood in the mix at all, which makes a perfect option for bathrooms or other locations with a high humidity.
Windows are great appeal factors, but also have durability, and strong aesthetic options. Give us a call today an ask us what kinds of windows can be integrated into your home! While your at it, ask us what else we can do for you and your dream home! As a family run business, we make sure to use quality materials and products to ensure a comfortable, highly functional home, to protect you and your family!