What's the difference?

Clarification on some household terms that are commonly confused

  • Daisy VS. Chamomile -The daisy is a perennial with white petals and a yellow center. Shasta daisies, which are most common in the U.S., have 4-inch-wide blooms that flower from early summer up until the fall. daisey -The Chamomile blooms annually from June to August. They have 1-inch-diameter flowers with bulbous yellow centers and white petals. It flowers can be dried to be used for herbal tea. chamomile
  • Shovel VS. Spade -A shovel is a garden tool used to dig large holes, like for planting trees and shrubs. It has a rounded end that comes to a point which helps break into harder soil. shovel -A spade is similar, but is more narrow and has a flat sharp end instead of a point. The shape makes it easier for transplanting plants, dividing perennials and edging beds. spade
  • Bumblebee VS. Honeybee -A bumblebee is a winged insect with a rounded, furry body. They are very active pollinators but only produce enough honey for themselves. They can sting multiple times if provoked. Bumblebee -A honeybee is a winged insect with a slender, slightly fuzzy body. They are large producers of honey and they can only sting once in their lives before dying shortly after. honey bee *Both are extremely important insects. Without them we could be in serious trouble when it comes to the production of our fruits and vegetables. 
  • Peat Moss Vs. Perlite -Peat moss is created when sphagnum moss decays. It’s fluffy and fibrous, so its often added to potting mixes to make them less dense.-Perlite is a lightweight porous rock formed in volcanoes that looks like bits of Styrofoam. It is mixed into potting soil to increase airflow so roots get more oxygen and water.