What Kind of Flooring is Best for My Bathroom Remodel?

Whether you’re remodeling your bathroom to improve the look or to boost the value of your house, flooring is a key component. You want a bathroom floor that suits your décor, but it has to fit your bathroom remodel budget.

With so many options to choose from, where do you even start? Don’t sweat, we have created this quick guide to bathroom flooring options. Read on to find the best solution to your bathroom floor.

What Do You Need From Bathroom Flooring?

Before starting your bathroom remodeling project and choosing bathroom flooring, think about what qualities you need from your bathroom floor. Do you need it to be totally waterproof, conductive to heat, soundproof, non-slip, fast to install, low cost, or comfortable underfoot? Deciding what is more important to you will help you choose the bathroom floor that is right for you. 

Bathroom Floor Options

Here are some great options for bathroom flooring that have unique characteristics and pros and cons. Just be sure to choose one that suits your bath remodel budget.

Vinyl or Linoleum 

A popular choice for decades, vinyl is a practical, easy-to-install, and simple flooring option that’s kind to your wallet. These days, there is an endless variety to choose, from the classic roll-out vinyl to luxury vinyl planks. It’s 100% waterproof, making it perfect for bathrooms. Take care to avoid bubbles and gaps when installing. 


Ceramic tiles are a popular option for ceramic bathroom floors. Porcelain tiles come from the ceramic family but have a lower water absorption rate, making them ideal for bathrooms. Tiles are durable, versatile, and good value for the money.  


It’s not a great idea to use regular hardwood on bathroom floors. It is easily damaged with the slightest amount of water ingress, which causes rot. Engineered wood offers the same luxury look and feel as real hardwood, but it’s heavily treated and moisture resistant. 


Prefabricated laminate flooring is a budget-friendly way to get the look you want, whether it’s stone, marble, oak, or slate. Easy to install and hard-wearing, laminate flooring is a firm favorite for bathroom floor remodels. However, if a large amount of excess water penetrates the boards, they can expand and bubble.


Fast becoming a very popular choice for bathroom floors, cork tiles are an eco-friendly and highly renewable resource. They are glued to the bathroom floor and have a durable waterproof polyurethane top coat. Click-in-place cork planks are also available.


Another modern eco-friendly option becoming a favorite is natural antibacterial bamboo. Extremely strong and hard-wearing, bamboo floors are half the price of hardwood floors but provide the same luxurious look and feel. Just be sure to take care when moving furniture, because bamboo flooring scratches easily. 


One of the most expensive options but with the greatest rewards. Natural stone is durable, water-resistant, and very aesthetically pleasing. It also adds great value to your bathroom and will impress potential home buyers. Stone floors can be cold, but that can be solved with underfloor and radiant heating. 

Installing Bathroom Floors

Contact us for the best professional bathroom floor installation and bathroom remodeling service. We make sure your new bathroom floor is installed properly for the best results that will last.

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