The best pool and beach accessories for the summer

beach day

When the weather turns hot, it’s hard to beat a day at the pool or beach

Check out these cool accessories!
  • Multicolored Glasses – Nothing takes the chic out of a poolside party faster than paper cubs. Enter in some multicolored tumblers. In cheerful summer colors, these glasses won’t break, crack, or discolor. tumblers
  • Picnic Backpack -Stock up one of these nifty picnic backpacks with plates, utensils, wineglasses and a table cloth. This bag offers an easy way to tote a meal on your outdoor adventures, along with a detachable wine cooler. The insulated pouch keeps things cool even on the hottest of days. picnic backpack
  • Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker -This is the perfect thing to bring along with you everywhere. Something small and light weight and resists harsh outdoor elements. They are the perfect thing to add to your beach bag. Waterproof bluetooth speaker
  • Baby Beach Chair -Even the littlest of beachcombers need somewhere to relax and kick back. This comfortable little baby beach chair is great and portable. The umbrella is great for some much needed shade. baby beach chair
  • Waterproof Camera Case -With a case like this, dust, sand and water don’t stand a chance. Get those family photos without having to worry one bit about your camera. You can even take photos underwater without damaging your digital camera. Camera_Waterproof_Case
  • Fun Blow Up Floaties -These can be fun for everyone! But especially the little ones. Be creative 🙂 turtle floatie