Thanksgiving Makeover!

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As Thanksgiving races in fast, we tend to scramble to clean the home and make it more presentable. After all, we don’t want that mother-in-law to be reminded of last years gravy massacre. Instead of rushing at the last minute this year to get the house in order, we have some tips to help inspire your festive side, making the process feel more exciting and enjoyable! Once your done with cleaning you will decorate and show off all your hard work! Take THAT, gravy massacre of 2016! 

Porch Decorations

To start off, we want your visiting relatives to be impressed by the front porch! To achieve this is simple! Redefine the boring straw wreath into something more elegant and alluring! The corn husk wreath will give a bright welcome to any guest coming into your home, and leave a lasting impression when they leave! 

Along with the wreath, consider putting out some cornstalks and pumpkins for the iconic and always appreciated Fall spirit! Decking the porch halls with festive and beautifully arranged items will show you mean business! At least during the holidays anyway!

Fall Home Festivities 

Naturally the main event when it comes to impressing family and guests alike is the interior of the home. This is where the real reprisal begins! 

Have some festive candles lit throughout the home and be sure the temperature is a cozy warm. This will create an ambiance that is too alluring to resist and uplift everyone’s mood after all the travelling and preparation! 

To follow up on the entryway of the home, line the front door with a chain of leaves or other red, orange, and yellow colored objects, helping to transition the mind from the outdoors to indoors. 

When it comes to the side tables and dinner table, presentation here matters the most, as this is where all the interactions will be taking place. Remember those candles we talked about? Have the candles atop some festive candle holders, something that is rustic and orange, with an abundance of miniature wreaths on the top would do the trick! This will not only help the candles stick out, but continue the aesthetic in all areas of the home! 

Don’t forget the plaid! Plaid is a main-stay when it come to the fall décor. Incorporate this through the use of blankets or throw pillows! Anything embroidered with leaves and pumpkins are always a nice addition too! 

Curtain decorations are another area to consider, as they line your home and are a big visual component to your living room and dining room! Consider changing out the curtains for something less modern and more traditional! 

By the time you decorate these areas in your home in the festive manner, your mind will be filled with an abundance of ideas for the rest of the home, resulting in a fresh, stylish holiday décor that will blow your past mishaps away! 

The holidays are meant to be fun filled and relaxing, so don’t stress! 

Say hello to the family from everyone here at Xpand, Inc. and Homes of Xcellence! Be sure to give us a call if your in need of a kitchen or dinning room remodel! We will work promptly and effectively to deliver the home you want for the holiday seasons! 

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