8 Things You Are Missing in Your Bathroom

Built in Shelving – Saves the clutter of a hanging shower caddy, Adding a shelf also gives a place for plants and candles for the ultimate relaxation retreat. Hidden Laundry Hampers — this is a no brainer, adding a built in laundry hampers will have less clutter with in the bathroom, and save space if you have

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Keeping the Mud Contained

4 Things to The Perfect Mud Room With winter coming in a few short months that means more boots, coats, and winter gear in the home. A mud room in Minnesota with the perfect layout combined with enough storage is essential to survive winters and rainy seasons. Some things to think of when designing your

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Unique secret door customization!

Unique secret door customization! You always hear about adding onto a home, but you never really hear about rooms you don’t want seen.   This project is the perfect case of “out of sight out of mind”! We made this under the stairs storage space become wonderfully integrated with the home by adding a secret

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hallway to master bedroom closet

Lacking storage space? You might be missing some opportune spaces!

Lacking storage space? You might be missing some opportune spaces! Storage is always an issue, it’s hard not hoarding things over the years….or days. So where can you make some extra room for the new items that may not be touched for 10 years? Well let’s check some locations that may be missed on a

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