Basement remodel tips and ideas!

Now that we have all had the luxury of sitting in our homes for the winter while the raging blizzard occurs outside, i’m sure the term “stir crazy” now applies to everyone.

Having the time to sit indoors so much, i’m certain some of you are itching to change the interior of your home around. Maybe your realizing what could really help you and endure during the winter season? A fireplace perhaps? maybe some basement bar ideas are popping in your mind? No matter the case, i’m certain the time you have spent holed away in the basement will have sprung some cool basement ideas!

We will fuel that fire(place) and give you some extra ideas to enhance your basement so the cold doesn’t feel so numb!


Some people need some really engaging activities during the winter to keep their outdoor souls distracted. This is where the always fun and available recreational basement staples come into play!

Call your friends who are struggling to sit still and invite them over to a 20’s bar basement that is full of nostalgic items across the room. Leather upholstery in a deep red and some pool tables and dart boards! You can’t go wrong with a little competitive games and a nicely styled bar for some drinks and some poor shots at the cue ball!

Once everyone has gotten tuckered out, why not relax in the built-in theater at the back of the room? Some surround sound is always a nice touch! Need a wall taken down to open the basement and add a theater space? Easy! We can accomplish that and more! Your dreams of a rustic, 20’s bar with a speakeasy vibe will be the talk of the neighborhood!

Home away from home…basement

So maybe you don’t want a basement that resembles the american gangster days and speakeasies. Maybe your looking for something more relaxing and soothing oriented? You can have a basement that feels warm and welcoming for all people through some easy to add elements.

Endorse the walls with some vertical planks all around the room, add a nice neutral color that lightens the room and can compliment most all other colors. A nice cool tan to color the walls, and some wall lights to have the room reflect the lights off the walls and enhance the bright vibes of the room will do wonders for that seasonal mood change!

Consider installing an opened area that can hold a table for six, for card games or a family board game night. If board games are a little too much, maybe alter a wall into a bookshelf of dreams! Stacks and stacks of books that you can get lost in for hours, and next thing you know it, the spring has sprung!

To help accent the color choice of the room, consider the furniture and the material they are made of. Leather furniture is always nice, but for a warm emphasized basement meant to pick up your mood, maybe a nice cotton material, or a synthetic microfiber that can mimic most all fabrics, and has the added benefit of stain resistant! Throw a couple pictures up on the wall of some nice sandy beaches, or a shack on the beach and you will start hearing the sea in seconds!

Basement’s are one of the easiest locations in the house to design for the soul purpose being that the basement exists to be a room designated for comfort and entertainment. The basement is not already obligated to serve some specific functionality like the kitchen or living room. Most people don’t take advantage of that fact and often don’t get a finished basement, rather a really big storage room. Don’t let the opportunities that lie beneath the home go to waste! If your worried about some structural aspects of your dream basement, and need assistance in accomplishing the layout you need, give us a call at Xpand! We would love to help your dream basement become a reality! Give us a call today and talk to us about your ideas and we will work with you to achieve your dreams in a timely and cost effective manner!contact us


Fall design! Dont let the falling leaves get you down! Instead spruce your home up!

loft or office space with vaulted ceilings

Welcome to the Xpand design corner!

Fall is in the air and the times are changing (literally)! So lets figure out how we can keep up with the season and add a charming style to our homes!

Don’t let the fleeting summer get you down! Fall is a time of rest and revitalization! Take advantage of the cool crisp air and the vibrant natural colors that arrive in abundance to brighten your home!

Pumpkins are the essence of fall! Their unique colors and texture really attract the eye! There are a variety of pumpkins to choose from and no two pumpkins are the same! (kinda like our houses! All unique!)

Pumpkins are just the start! Corn stalks have a strong fall appeal and can be placed along the sides of your doorway!Every guest will pass by the corn stalks, but not without first admiring their golden hue among those fanciful pumpkins!

One last finishing touch to make it a trifecta! Mums!

Mums make the perfect addition to your fresh nature/fall design! Line them along your steps, their color is a strong dark orange that really completes the fall color pallet!

If your not quit satisfied yet, you can always add a touch of country charm with a rustic sign or two! This will really emphasize your eye for aesthetics!

Now go out there and get your fall on! Be the talk of the neighborhood with your homes new style! OH! But don’t forget your autumn candles either! Nothing better than the smell of fall without being covered in leaves!

Light up that fireplace and drink some warm cider! While your at it give us a call and lets chat about those additions you have been wanting to get for your home!