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Back right side view of the house

Dreaming of the sun and shine

Being cooped up all day because of dreary weather is no fun. Sadly, we have a little bit of time left before the weather will allow us to enjoy natures bounty again. The cold and chilly weather cannot, however, take away from us our imagination and day dreaming abilities of our home and the luxuries

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Home with a side of balcony!

Balconies are a great addition to a home. Balconies add a nice little recess to stop the world for a moment, and forget the hustle and stress of everyday life. Balconies have a wide variety of forms they can come in as well, to help connect with the home aesthetically. Generally balconies are surrounded by

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Get rid of unwanted pests in your home garden without using chemicals!

Use these organic tips to rid yourself of those garden pests Ladybugs -Releasing a batch of ladybugs into your garden could help take care of aphids, mites and mealy bugs. Lightweight row covers –Lightweight fabric row covers keep out damaging insects while also allowing rain, sunlight and air through. Companion plants -Planting marigolds can lure

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