Concrete floors? Let’s give it a shot

I know, we have been doing a lot of posts that involve the floor of your home lately, but to be fair, it’s only because there are so many great options! Concrete floors are no exception!

For this snippet, we will explain the aspects of concrete floors in a home that really give it an advantage over other flooring options! Most often we think of an organic material like wood or bamboo, but concrete has some seriously rocking advantages to them!

Let’s quit dilly dallying and get into the bullet points!

  • Variation in design- Concrete often brings forth the idea of grey, cold and industrial, however it doesn’t have to be that way. Concrete has some great options for visual alteration ranging from stains, colors and hardeners. How you integrate the color into the floor is a big part of the process as well. You can add the color during the mixing process to add a nice even spread across the concrete or produce a translucent finish with a unique design finish!
  • Texture- Not only does concrete have a wide range of color application but concrete can also be altered with surface texture for design or practical purposes! Some surface textures include troweled, smooth and polished, each of which can add a unique feeling to a room. There is also an option called stamped, which allows for the creation of patterns such as tile!
  • Type of concrete- Generally there are two types of concrete flooring options. Existing concrete which uses the concrete already in your home but enhances it for visual appeal and daily use. Decorative overlay, which is concrete on top of certain surfaces that are already installed, and can be used to either mask damage, or just give a new and fresh look to a room!

Concrete flooring has some strong innate functions that can benefit not only your home, but the world as well! That’s right, concrete flooring can be a eco-friendly option! The creation of concrete does not deplete natural resources, does not requires as much energy to create, and is poured locally! Concrete is a strong defense against mold, mildew and odors, which can improve or at last keep a healthy air quality. Concrete absorbs the temperature around it, which can help cut energy costs for heating and cooling, due to the minimizing need for continual production! Lastly concrete can be recycled, cut down and reprocessed!

That’s all for today’s rock solid dream home options! If you have any questions for comments don’t hesitate to call! We will work with you to achieve the home you and your family can call dreamy!

New home alert! Check out this beautiful new character looking for a family!

This new home is finished and for sale! We are excited to introduce this single level home!

This beautiful new home is a no-step home, which means the entire home is one floor! Don’t fret though, just because it’s one floor doesn’t mean it’s lacking!



  • 2 Bed
  • 2 Bath
  • 1,513 sq ft.
  • Fully landscaped
  • Sprinklers installed
  • Custom Cabinetry 
  • Marvin Integrity Windows
  • In-floor heating
  • Fireplace

This home is located in Savage, MN 

Full address:
8312 159th Street
Savage, MN 55378

All of this can be your’s for $399,900!

Below are some snapshots from inside this impressive home!


Give us a call today and inquire about a walk through to see this home for yourself! You could be calling this place YOUR home! A link to the listing is located here

How to match your wood flooring!

The last couple articles we posted involved some aspect of the flooring and wood as one of the options. As beautiful as wood flooring can be, sometimes we run into issues matching that flooring with its surroundings, and maybe even the other types of flooring we have in the home.

This article, we will try to help with some tips on matching your wood flooring in your home, to have a seamless and beautiful result! Things to consider during the process would be bullnose trim, stain pens and T-molding and all the variations!

Match Tones

Generally, homes don’t start out as mismatched, but overtimes it becomes an issue due to sun fading. Knowing this, we can actually use it to our advantage and minimize this as an issue and turn it into a strength. When choosing your laminate or engineered flooring, match the faded tones of your already existing flooring, so that when sun fading does occur the variation will look intentional and still cohesive. Once the rest of the room is put together, the variation in tone of the flooring will look like a beautiful mosaic!


When your expanding your flooring and need to think about staining, don’t stress trying to stain and sand the preexisting and new flooring. Instead of adding to your work, talk to a contractor and get help in altering the color of the stain to match the value of the already installed wood flooring. These custom mixed stains can really save time and effort, as well as help blend the flooring in with itself.

Solving the transition dilemma

Often when using two types of wood flooring, there can be an issue at the meeting point. Often a disjointed feeling can accompany the meeting of two wood types and ruin the feeling of room transition. To solve this, use a T-mold! T-molds allow for a less abrupt transition between flooring types by laying a cover of the main wood type across the seam of the joining wood flooring’s. The rounded edges of the T-mold allow for a comfortable and logical transition of hallways to rooms.

Stain pen perfection

With wood flooring, it’s nearly impossible to escape the marks of hastened traffic. Knicks and scratches are rather obvious on wood flooring and can sometimes become overwhelming or an issue for selling. To solve this problem, we need naught but a pen! Stain pens are similar to paint pens in use. Shake the pen before use, and the press down on the area that needs treatment. Fill the problems with stain and then wipe away the excess with a damp cloth. If the resulting stain is too light, simply apply another coating with the pen until the desired value is achieved and the mark(s) are hidden well away from attention. Easy peasy!

That’s all we have for today’s wood flooring tips! Come back later for more tips and tricks and services! Remember to call and inquire about our services and how we may help you achieve your dream home! 

Some great flooring options for your dream home!

Often times when we visit as home we examine it’s differences from our own. There are an outstanding amount of variables involved in the contrast between homes, but sometimes there are things that can really stand out, much more than others. Generally the flooring of a home is that factor.

There are a multitude of flooring options available for a home, and we think it’s important to know the different kinds, to make an informed decision! Plus, who doesn’t like more options when your building your dream home?

So today we will be talking about 5 different kinds of flooring options! So let’s break out those nifty little bullet points!


  • Hardwood floor is nothing new, it is common to find in homes and some prefer it to carpet for it’s easier upkeep.
  • Hardwood floors have an elegant vibe to them. They can enhance the level of a room alone, but cooperatively with the rest of the room, you can really enhance the feeling of “charm” and “elegance”.
  • There are many varieties of wood types to choose from in this section of flooring alone. Some of the most renowned are red and white oak, maple, cherry, white ash, and hickory.


  • Most people don’t ever consider bamboo as a flooring option, and that alone is a grave mistake!
  • Bamboo is a form of grass, that is fast growing and ready in about 3-5 years. This allows it to be eco friendly and have a fast turnaround.
  • Bamboo is also fire resistant, further enhancing yours homes safety score! Who doesn’t like a safe home?
  • Lastly, bamboo is actually very strong, and through comparison purposes, bamboo is 27% harder than Northern red oak, and 13% harder than maple!


  • Engineered wood looks similar to solid hardwood but has more unique aspects to it. For example engineered hard wood is composed of a core of hardwood, plywood or high-density fiberboard, and layered on it all is a hardwood veneer.
  • Three to seven layers of the material is taken and glued and compressed together under high pressure and heat to create sturdy flooring and a complete resistance to humidity.
  • The manner in which this type of flooring is made allows for engineered would to be place in parts of the home that regular wood would not be able to, for example high humidity place like the bathroom or basement!


  • Composed of material similar to linseed oil, cork. limestone, wood flour and tree resins. This material boasts a high durability with low maintenance.
  • Linoleum flooring also has a wide variety of patterns and colors to choose from, expanding its synergy potential with many different forms of homes.
  • Linoleum can also come in sheets, or if preferred, intricate cuts, to achieve a more unique flooring style.


  • Marmoleum is an all natural renewable resource. This flooring is made from recycled material that can actually benefit the environment.
  • As opposed to linoleum, marmoleum is resistant to dust and dirt, ensuring those with allergies a comfortable experience in the home.
  • This flooring can be ordered in sheets or tiles, has an easy upkeep and is fantastic for high traffic locations!

We hope this insight into different flooring options was helpful! Why not go around your home and consider the different flooring options in different rooms and see what might feel best? Once you have a concrete concept of what you want done, be sure to give us a call and we can work with you to achieve the home of your dreams!