Some great flooring options for your dream home!

Often times when we visit as home we examine it’s differences from our own. There are an outstanding amount of variables involved in the contrast between homes, but sometimes there are things that can really stand out, much more than others. Generally the flooring of a home is that factor. There are a multitude of

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Front side view of house

The paint you apply to your home is more than decoration!

Most people think the paint outside their homes  is merely for appeal, however it has a more vital purpose! Paint on the exterior of your home is a form of weather defense so to speak. Rain, wind, cold, and damp conditions can be battled with the right quality primer and paint! Weather is a relentless

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Foyer View

Summer humidity and how it affects your home!

Summer is a beautiful time, full of fun in the sun and an overall increase in leisurely activities. However summer is also known for its intense weather conditions, especially humidity! Humidity can affect us in more ways than we know, especially concerning your home! humidity is the accumulation of water vapor in the air, that

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living room with carpet leading into dining room with hardwood floors

Hardwood flooring hard to clean? Not today!

Hardwood flooring is a popular option for kitchens and common walkways, its elegant and homey, however needs to be maintained just like everything else! So when a whole soccer team rolls through the kitchen with their cleats and leaves trails of dirt and grim everywhere, how do we keep the floor looking like new?  Well

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