What your driveway has in store for you come spring!

Still on the spring shtick, hoping it will arrive sooner rather than later. Spring is a beautiful time of the year! However spring can also be a bearer of bad news, due to the unfortunate effects of temperature change. Underneath the banks of snow is the thing we used to call a driveway, made of

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Spring sun, spring cleaning!

I know it’s a little early to be using the “spring cleaning” slogan, but on a day that is as bright as today and all the melting snow, it’s hard not to get ahead of myself! Although there are many days left before truly reaching the first day of the spring season, it is always

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Garage maintenance in the winter

With the cold of the wind and the frozen falling sculptures comes salted roads and slush in abundance. Often during the winter through the slipping and sliding we track the slush indoors, and the location that receives the worst treatment is the garage. So for this little snippet, we are going to give some tips

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How to match your wood flooring!

The last couple articles we posted involved some aspect of the flooring and wood as one of the options. As beautiful as wood flooring can be, sometimes we run into issues matching that flooring with its surroundings, and maybe even the other types of flooring we have in the home. This article, we will try

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Back right side view of the house

Autumn chill, time for the home checklist!

The chill in the air is finally here! The crisp leaves beneath our feet remind us it’s almost time for that long-awaited snow fall! In mentioning the ‘S’ word, we should ensure our home is ready for whats to come! We’ve put together a nice little list to help you keep track of the tasks

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How to ensure your safety during thunderstorms, and tips for your home!

With the recent weather in tow, thunderstorms are becoming relevant.  In light of this, it is important to know how to properly take precautions during these storms to better protect your family and home! There is something called the “30/30” rule that is helpful for evaluating the current weather situation. Basically when you see a

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Front of house

How to maintain that pristine concrete driveway!

A clean, crack-free driveway is the best, it adds a strong aesthetic component when you pull up to the house that just makes you excited! Concrete driveways, or any type of paving material for that matter, is not perfect. All paving material is susceptible to some form of damage, however, concrete is one of the

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Master Bedroom Window View with backyard and lake view

Autumn maintenance! What needs to be done to prepare!

Autumn is a brisk season! Full of long-sleeve shirts and hoodies, pumpkins and apple cider. Autumn is one of the most vibrant of the seasons and can be an inspiring time for change and growth! However, the chilly wind and foreboding of winter is to be taken serious! As a homeowner you’ll need to make

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Unfinished Basement & Walkout

How to prevent a basement from flooding!

Floods are a mess, a big mess, and a flood in your basement is just plain wrong! Basement floods can blind side homeowners and really hurt them financially. Generally flooding can happen due to some poor sealing around windows, doors, or due to electrical outages, causing your sump pump to stop pumping the excess ground

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