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Home with a side of balcony!

Balconies are a great addition to a home. Balconies add a nice little recess to stop the world for a moment, and forget the hustle and stress of everyday life. Balconies have a wide variety of forms they can come in as well, to help connect with the home aesthetically.

Generally balconies are surrounded by railings, balustrades or parapets. Balconies have a long history of use, even back to the days of ancient Rome.

So what are the added benefits of a balcony?

lets make a list!

  • Increased living space, thanks to the added platform outside your master bedroom, or anywhere on the second (or higher) floor for that matter! The amazing change in atmosphere when the doors to the balcony are open can be felt instantly. The flow of the natural air through the room, the lightness of the environment seeping in like the sun through a crack of the blinds. There’s not much of a better stress reliever.
  • Stepping out onto the balcony is the obvious second benefit! You can have an amazing encounter with the rising/setting sun on a daily basis, and observe the golden paint of the sky brush the scenery like that of an impressionistic painting by Monet.
  • Thinking ahead! A home with a balcony adds to the value of the home! In the off chance something occurs and you MUST move from your specially built home, the balcony will add to the resale value (but were hoping you just take the home with you, after all, we made it specially for your family!)
  •  Versatility! A balcony can have a variety of purposes! Want a garden, but the ground level porch area is just too hectic? Well the balcony would gladly take up the opportunity! Not to mention you could set up a table and chairs and have a wonderful setting for breakfast, lunch, and dinner!
  • Balconies can also provide a strong sense of privacy. Thanks to the risen aspect of the balcony, the attention you get whilst relaxing with your garden and some breakfast will be little to none!

Balconies can have even more functionalities than mentioned here! The sky is the limit, well maybe not even the sky in this case! Give us a call today and ask us about your dream home additions/ideas, and we will work with you to accomplish your goals and dreams! 

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Granite counter tops! Rock solid and aesthetically pleasing!

Granite is the slow crystallization of magma, so lets put it in the kitchen and cook up some good times!

The natural beauty of granite is a favorite for many, it has wonderful variations in color as well as texture, making it a strong medium to help tie unique kitchen or bathroom designs together!

The qualities of granite are:

  • Strong visual aesthetic that adds a sense of value and naturalism.
  • Low susceptibility to scratches,  allowing for longevity in appeal and functionality.
  • Heat resistant, which is perfect for use near a grill or cook-top.
  • Thanks to the sealing, granite has a high resistance to stains!
  • Over 20 shades of granite, making it a solid material for a large pool of color schemes!


Ask us today what we can do for you and your granite needs!

Be it counter tops, bathroom tiles or what ever else you desire!

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