Simple Bathroom Wall Décor Ideas for New Homeowners

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If you just had a bathroom remodel done, you now have this beautiful bathroom ready for use and maybe some decorating too. And while you might spend countless hours planning the décor in other rooms of your house, somehow you’ve ignored the bathroom walls entirely. 

You might be wondering how to decorate a bathroom? What can you do with the walls? Can you treat them like other rooms in your home? 

The answer is a resounding yes. Once you know this, it makes it easy to come up with a whole list of wall décor ideas for your bathroom. Read on to learn a few ways you can add character to your bathroom walls. 

Add Color and Pattern With Wallpaper

Wallpaper is staging quite a comeback in the décor world and a bathroom is a perfect place to use it. Bathrooms tend to be smaller rooms than other rooms in your home. 

Don’t be afraid of using a bolder color or pattern in your bathroom space. Having commitment issues and worry you’ll tire of wallpaper too quickly? Try one of the peel and stick variety, allowing you to install and remove with zero fuss. 

Add a Gallery Wall

Most people don’t have tons of wall space, but a bathroom wall is a fun place to add some personality and hang a  gallery wall. Here you can mix and match framed pieces and not be afraid to show your personality. 

You can use inexpensive framed art, but don’t stop there. You can add sconces, plates, and small shelves to your gallery wall space. This is a great spot to experiment with more than what you might put in a more public space of your house.

Add Some Function to Your Walls

Remember, you still want your bathroom space to be functional and work for you. Gone are the days of a plain wood shelf or a simple hook for hanging a towel. 

Consider how to use some wall space to add function with shelving. From glass to rattan to metals, there are now so many options available that allow you to not only add some functional storage but also add to the décor. 

If you add shelving, consider adding decorative jars or baskets to help to contain the inevitable bathroom sprawl.

Add Lighting

The market has made bathroom decorating so much prettier with wall sconces in a variety of shapes, sizes, and finishes. Consider adding sconces on each side of your bathroom mirror. Not only do they function in the form of additional lighting, but they also add style too.

Add Some Plants

If you’re trying to do wall décor on a budget, few things will have the impact that plants will have. Whether you sit them on shelving or hang them, a live plant makes a bathroom space feel warmer and friendlier. 

Bonus tip, plants love humidity and often grow very well in bathrooms.

Wall Décor Ideas for Your Bathroom Walls

Bathrooms are a great space to go bolder than you might in other spaces in your home. The small space can handle bigger and bolder all décor ideas.

If you’re hoping to do a bathroom remodel, we can help. Contact us today to talk about your remodeling goals for your home.

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