Planter Ideas For Spring Flowers

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11 Ways to Upgrade Your Planters

By Alison Sherwood
Milwaukee Journal Sentinel


Fancy decorative containers? Too expensive. Faded plastic planters? Time for a facelift. Upgrade your planters and pots with these creative ideas that will make your plants even more beautiful.


Salvage an old or broken laundry basket to make this planter. Hot glue pieces of burlap to line the inside and outside of the basket, and glue a thick rope around it. Fill with soil and add greenery.


Make a rustic statement on the side of your house or shed. Drill holes for drainage in the bottom of old tires, hang them and fill with dirt and flowers. The tires will hold heat, thus protecting your plants on chilly nights.


Make your own cement planters. You’ll need two bowls or containers for molds — one larger than the other. Mix equal parts cement, peat moss, Perlite and water (be sure to wear gloves to protect your skin). Spray the inside of the larger mold and the outside of the smaller mold with nonstick cooking spray and scoop enough cement mixture into the larger container to form a 1- to 2-inch layer around the inside. Press the smaller container on top of the cement and place rocks inside it to weigh it down. Dry for 24 hours; remove the inner container. Let cement dry an additional day before removing outer mold. Smooth the edges with sandpaper and drill a hole in the bottom for drainage.


Dress up your yard by painting an old chandelier and replacing the lights with plants.


Spruce up old planters with a coat of bright paint and a chalkboard paint rim. Label your pots with waterproof chalk marker.


Metal buckets make cute planters on their own, but add your house number for form and function.


Give indoor pots and vases a quick and easy makeover with colorful tape.


Colorful rain boots filled with flowers or herbs add whimsy to your outdoor space.


Add some height to your outdoor decor. Stack three planters on top of one another with small plastic planter dishes under each of the top two pots.


Salvage a cracked planter by burying the broken side underground to look like plants are spilling out from it.


Drill holes for drainage in the bottom of a plain bucket, then cover it in mosaic tiles. Stone tiles give it a natural look, but other styles can add a modern touch to your porch.

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