Painting ideas for the home! How grey can be a grey-t option!

When painting a room or home in general, people often consider colors that have a strong depth and are able to catch the eye in an instant. This isn’t a bad tactic, however there are other means to achieving this result! The colors we use have synergy with the colors around them, and this sole fact is important to remember when choosing a color theme for a room or the entire house. Often people go with the always favorite black and white combo, because the high value contrast is an appealing visual interaction. Taking the thought process of black and white, we can apply the same concept using the color grey. Grey is often thought of in office settings or work places, but I promise, those places don’t use the color to it’s wonderfully colorful potential! How to properly combine grey with other colors!
  • When using grey, consider making grey the prominent component of the room. Doing this and adding other colors in small portions can cause a large visual contrast that intensifies the colors present in the room.
  • Using grey will incite specific emotions depending on people’s past interaction with the color. For example, grey can often be associated with sophistication and knowledge. Probably due to it’s use in a work space, people tend to see grey as an intelligent color.
  • The use of grey in different rooms will result in different effects. Depending on the room and it’s primary function and expectations, grey will naturally change in accordance with the rooms needs.
  • Using vibrant colors in contrast to grey will make the colors seem deeper and more rich. For example, grey walls with orange shades on the windows would be a great contrast, and really draw the eyes to the windows. You can use this to your advantage and show off specific parts of your home that you want to have the attention.
  • When using a cool color such as grey in the bathrooms or kitchens, there will be a conveyed feeling of cleanliness and order.
  • You can still use black and white along with grey! Using the natural light and dark combo with grey will actually enhance the natural draw of the two contrasting values. This is natural due to grey being the mix of black and white, so the natural cooperation between all three is going to be a strong “classy” feeling with intertwined sophistication and warmth.
That’s all we have for this “grey-t” article! Try going around your home with some color panels and visualize what your home may look like with the introduction of grey in the home! Have a great week everyone! Until next time!