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In a recent article we had mentioned an upcoming event Xpand Inc was involved in with the Midwest Homes Luxury Remodeling Tour. As a follow up with that spectacular event and our preview in their magazine, we thought it would be a great idea to XPAND on the home that is featured!

The picture featured at the top of this article is the same one that is previewed in the Luxury Remodel edition of Midwest Homes Magazine. This home is a prime example of our capabilities at Xpand Inc due to it’s innovative use of unique objects for everyday uses.

This home was built in the mid 1980’s  on Lake Minnetonka and needed a full makeover! In the process of our decision making, we came up with a wonderful idea of installing some sliding barn-style doors in front of the entertainment center that adds a country feel to the home. Along side the entertainment center sliding doors, we decided to move the kitchen from the street side to the lake side in order to increase its size and add a custom walk-in pantry.

Other remodel changes include:

  • Changing two bedrooms and a bathroom and combining them into a master suite with a custom bathroom and large walk-in closet.
  • Added a new main floor laundry and luxurious powder bathroom.
  • Custom wine room within the kitchen.
  • Added a wet bar.
  • Vaulted front porch with wood ceiling and a reclaimed chandelier.
  • Increased square footage to both the front and rear of the home.
  • Custom steel beam installed on the staircase to create an unobstructed site line from the front door to the scenic lake out back.


This home was a great way for us at Xpand, Inc. to show our innovative capabilities as well as our experience and modern understanding of materials and home building capabilities.

To find out more about this project from the Mid West Homes Magazine, click on the button below!

As always give us a call or send us an email and lets work towards Xpanding those dreams into reality!

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