Lacking Storage Space? You Might be Missing Some Opportune Spaces!

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Storage is always an issue, it’s hard not hoarding things over the years….or days. So where can you make some extra room for the new items that may not be touched for 10 years? Well let’s check some locations that may be missed on a daily, that can help optimize storage space!

  • Behind doors- Its amazing how much space you can free up in a closet by moving things behind doors! There are multiple spots on your home that have plenty of space behind the door to have a rack to hang items from. Be it mops, brooms, a coat rack you name it! If it’s slim it will fit!


  • Behind cabinet doors- Same concept here! Opening the cupboard means always looking in, but what if, just maybe the cupboard door itself was holding something? Maybe little hooks to hold measuring cups or other items that may get lost in the clutter of a drawer or cabinet!


  • Wall above the oven (backsplash)- A great place to put your cooking ware is right above the stove/oven top! Hanging mounted on the wall for quick assessment and access! No more will you have to rustle through pots and pans to find the pan you need for that special dinner!


  • End of the kitchen counter/island- The ends of islands/counters can be another great place to have some form of armature to hang cutting boards or pots and pans, maybe even a ladle or two! This will help to clear up the space in cupboards for other things!


  • Under cabinets- Toe kick drawers! Installing some drawers underneath cabinets for some slim space can be a great addition! Towels, clothes, drapes you name it! These toe-kick drawers can really add some extra storage space quick and easy!


  • Corners- Most people think only lamps or table fit in the corners! Oh goodness no! You can easily incorporate ‘L’ shaped shelves in corners for mementos or pictures to stand, or any knick-knack really!


This list is merely a starting point! Go around your home and check out spaces that are barren and try to re-purpose them for a more efficient use of the space! Clutter may be but a dream after your re-inventions of unused spaces!

After you’ve maxed out you possibilities why not give us a call! We have a wide range of remodel options that can easily allow for more possibilities when it comes to storage or anything else really! Call and inquire today! 

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