Is Your Basement Blah? 4 Cool Modern Basement Ideas

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About 42% of American homes have a basement. If your home has a basement, it can often become the long-forgotten cave under the house. Don’t let this happen; it’s a waste of space.

All it takes is a remodeling project to bring your basement out of the dark and turn it into a beautiful modern basement. The first is deciding how you want to use your new space.

This guide will give you four ideas on what you can do with your basement. 


1. Add a Faux Fireplace

A fireplace adds warmth and a sense of coziness to a space and creates a focal point to the room. You don’t have to completely remodel your home to add a fireplace to your basement. Instead, you can build a faux fireplace in the space.

One approach is to build the hearth, mantel, and framing of a traditional fireplace. Then replace the logs and fire with candles or fairy lights.

Another option is to install an electric insert. This will give you a small amount of heat and the look of flames flickering away.

2. Create A Mini-Bar

One of the most popular finished basement ideas is to turn your basement into the ultimate hang out spot with bar stools and a minibar setup. One option is to add oversized comfy seating and dim lighting for a lounge setting. Or you could have barstools, TVs, and games for a sports bar setup.

To complete your bar aesthetic, you’ll want to have shelving for bottles, a mini-fridge, ice maker, and sink. Divide a large basement up into small areas to create a sense of intimacy.

3.Install Recessed Lighting

Basement ceilings tend to be low, which can limit your lighting options. No one wants to hit their head on a chandelier. Opt for recessed lighting for your basement. Not only will it give you more control of the light density, but it will also give the illusion of the ceiling being taller than it really is.

Focus your lighting around usable areas. You’ll want to have more intense lighting in areas where you’ll work or perform tasks. For even more control, have your recessed lighting on separate dimmer switches so that you can choose where and how bright the light will be in the room.

4.Create A Mini Kitchen

Why not create a mini kitchen space in your basement? It doesn’t have to be anything fancy, just a small space that’s perfect for preparing snacks. That way, you don’t have to run all of the way upstairs every time you want to make something.

You could have a small fridge and freezer combo. The fridge will hold your drinks. The freezer can hold snacks.
Then you could have a microwave and a toaster oven for heating. This is perfect if you plan to turn your basement into a movie theater, game room, playroom, lounge, or man cave.

Create A Modern Basement

When it comes to remodeling your basement, the options are limitless. Hopefully, these five finished basement ideas will get you inspired to think about how you can turn your unused space into a modern basement.

If you need help getting started, it helps to talk with the experts. They can assess your space and explain your options.

Contact our creative and skilled team today and let us help you put that basement to use.

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