How to Maintain Those Beautiful Exterior Stone Accents!

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Exterior stone accents on a home can really amplify its appeal as well as add a strong connection to nature and its natural wonder! Exterior stone accents however are prone to getting a worn down look after time which can lessen their beautifying affects! So how to we maintain them?

First off its important to inspect your stone accents regularly! a couple times a year would suffice. When inspecting the stones, look for any signs of damage or missing placements. Make certain the grout between the stones is still strong and sturdy, vibration can loosen them over time. Ensure the mortar on the surface is not full of cracks or other signs of wear.

If you need to re-point a veneer, fill a mortar bag full of vinyl infused driveway patching mortar. If necessary you may add grout coloring to match the remaining grout, and fit the bag with a medium tip! Now for application, adhere a small bead of mortar into any cracks or crevices around the stone veneer. Moving inward, fill the cracks between any stones. Be sure to use proper safety while handling this material! Latex gloves and smooth the applied mortar with your finger working the mortar deep into the cracks and making a smooth finish!  Let the mortar dry over night and re-apply if the drying process has left any gaps! It sounds tedious written out, however its important to do and is much faster in action!

Onto the cleaning! Most stone veneers are cultures or concrete stone. This type of stone causes susceptibility to cleaning chemicals. Rather than chemicals, go a more natural route! Fill a bucket with warm water and add a little vinegar, and a little bit of dish soap as a mild detergent solution. Then just take a sponge and have them do what they do best! Scrub the stones, continually squeezing out the dirty water for the clean solution. Once your done scrubbing the stones rinse off the veneer with some clean hose water to remove any residue! Your all set!

Exterior stone accents are beautiful and held in high regard. Call Xpand, Inc. today and ask about our stone accent options!

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