How to Coordinate Kitchen Lighting With Your Renovation Plans

a nice kitchen with white countertops and good lighting throughout

Because kitchen lighting is so dynamic, fitting it into the rest of your custom home or kitchen remodel plans can be difficult. It needs to be decorative and functional. To make your kitchen a practical yet attractive space, follow these three kitchen lighting tips.

1. Create A Focal Point

Like the dinner table at a holiday meal, your kitchen needs a centerpiece. Kitchen lighting either highlights a focal point or becomes one itself. If you have an island, consider putting a chandelier above it. For an open kitchen with bar seating between the cooking area and living room, a row of pendant lighting above the counter makes it the center of attention and a natural place for get-togethers.

2. Mix Lighting Types

After you’ve chosen your focal point, layer lighting across your kitchen to fit every purpose. In general, there are three types of kitchen lighting:

  • Ambient lighting diffuses brightness across your kitchen for eating and gathering. Flush or semi-flush lights hug close to the ceiling, making them ideal for stylish yet out of the way lights, though recessed ceiling lights and chandeliers also create ambiance.
  • Task lighting fixtures illuminate counters, sinks, stoves and anywhere else you cook. This includes under-cabinet lighting over counters, pendants over islands or recessed lights over sinks and stoves.
  • Accent lighting highlights things that make your kitchen unique. Aim track lights at an accent wall or install lights in glass-paneled cabinets to put your dishes on display.


As you choose the layout, keep in mind that a kitchen should be very well-lit. Spread out properly, different kinds of kitchen lights accentuate designs, brighten color schemes and tie your kitchen renovation in with rest of your home. 

3. Choose the Right Finishes and Designs

thoughtfully-designed kitchen isn’t just lit well — the lighting fixtures themselves should add to the design. Whether minimalist or glamorous, mix and match fixtures that add to the décor.

For rustic homes, use lighting fixtures with wooden, copper, matte black or other earthy-toned shades. Alternating colors of pendant lights over the bar gives kitchens a vintage quality.

To make a kitchen feel like a room in an elegant estate, consider glass chandeliers or bronze pendant lights.

If modern and minimalist is more your style, utilize recessed and under-cabinet lighting for a clean look. If you want pendant lights, choose fixtures with glass or polished-chrome finishes.

If your style is a little too eclectic to label, check out Better Homes & Gardens’ gallery of unique kitchen lighting ideas.

Professional Kitchen Light Design and Remodeling

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