How to boost your homes functions and look, while also boosting it's value!

Looking to level up your home a bit? not sure where to start? Let us help! Here are 8 easy ways to boost your homes value, while also increasing its functionality and appeal!
  1. Home system tune-up! Generally when homes are inspected for a value pricing, there is always the general list that needs to be checked off, like a fresh coat of paint. What is often overlooked is the functionality of the home, that helps to hide the fact that the home has been lived in for a while! One way of really solving this problem is by staying ahead of the game with your yearly furnace inspections! Ensuring the functionality of your HVAC is relatively quick and easy! This simple inspection can really help keep the home in top shape!
  2. Dirty siding be gone! Homes get dirty, it’s one of their strong suits. In saying so, it’s important to not ignore it! Take the time to invite a professional over and power wash your siding. This alone will liven up your home and help it’s character shine through!
  3.  Curb appeal! Recently addressed in a past article is the importance of curb appeal and some quick tips for improving a homes curb appeal. Check out the article here! Value can easily be bumped up for your home by it’s first appearance! You know what they say, first impressions are the most important! Clear away overgrown greenery on the premises and replace/fix any broken or chipped areas/items. An overlooked aspect is the house numbers and front door! A strong, attention demanding front door with some clearly labelled house numbers can really bring your home up a couple ladders!
  4. Caulking and painting! As mentioned above, a fresh coat of paint will always give the home a wave of rejuvenation! Adding onto that, caulking all the windows, tubs and counters will re-liven the inner aspects of the home and give a strong clean representation while improving defenses against water damage!
  5. Steel entry door! Repainting your entry way not enough? Perfect! How about we replace those wooden doors with some strong, secure steel entry doors! This will improve the security of the home and actually be cheaper than a wooden door replacement, but will still look just as good!
  6. Kitchen enrich-en! Revitalize your kitchen by replacing some drawer pulls and repainting all the surfaces in the space! This will take some time but has always been well worth the effort! Nothing feels quit as good as cooking in a kitchen that is tidy and fresh feeling!
  7. Toss the carpet and embrace the hardwood floors! If you have some carpet flooring, then it might not be a bad idea to think about taking that up and allowing the wood flooring to take hold of the home! Easy to maintain and beautiful, while also aesthetically pleasing with most all colors and styles of a home!
  8. Popcorn is great, just not for the ceilings! Stucco ceiling is dated, and it shows. Embrace the modern times and begone with those popcorn ceilings, however you must use caution in the task and make sure there is no asbestos involved! If there is asbestos be sure to call a professional and get it taken care of the safe way!
Improve that home! Improve that life! Get to it! While your diving into some elbow grease, think about those remodels and additions you want for your home and give us a call so we can start to plan them out!