Get rid of unwanted pests in your home garden without using chemicals!

Use these organic tips to rid yourself of those garden pests

  • Ladybugs -Releasing a batch of ladybugs into your garden could help take care of aphids, mites and mealy bugs.
  • Lightweight row covers Lightweight fabric row covers keep out damaging insects while also allowing rain, sunlight and air through.
  • Companion plants -Planting marigolds can lure some best like Japanese beetles away from your vegetables and herbs. Later you can pick the beetles and use soapy water to get rid of them. -Plant some Nasturtiums near by to attract aphids marigolds, garden
  • What about squirrels, rodents and raccoons? -There is not a ton you can do about these pests. Adding a fence around your garden could help some. Using chicken wire to put on top of your bulbs and covering with dirt can help prevent rodents and raccoons from digging them up.
  • Crushed egg shells or Diamoceteaus earth -Sprinkle crushed egg shells or diamoceteaus earth around your seedlings to keep slugs. pillbugs and earwigs away. Those insects do not like to cross over sharp surfaces.