Front Door Porches Customization!

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Our homes are special to us, and should be a direct reflection of our personality and style! When people see our home, they should know who lives there! In saying that, curbside appeal is very important in this aspect!

A strong factor for curbside appeal, would be the multiple forms of front door porches! Front door porches come in many different styles and names, Upper rail, bracket, hip roof portico, and gabled roof.

These different styles have tremendous amounts of customization options from material to carvings! A front door porch can have a strong attention grabbing effect, and gives a powerful sense of grandeur.

Gabled Roof

Gabled roofs are the favored forms of front door aesthetic. This design fits well with a wide variety of home designs. Gabled roof’s have a very simple design, but give great practicality. Generally these types of front door roofs are more wide than tall. Clean and inviting, this form of front door roofing is generally welcome and well received by everyone!

Gabled roofs can increase the life span of your home’s infrastructure thanks to the directing of water runoff. Material choices for gabled roofs can affect the strength of these roofs as well as their protective effectiveness. The popular option is asphalt, while generally metal is more advantageous.

Hip Roof Portico 

Hip roof portico’s are a great option for bungalows, ranch-style homes, and cottages. With a gentle slope and a pyramid-like shape, some hip roofs even sport flared corners which can really draw the eye of passing viewers!

Hip roofs can help serve as protection for your home as well. Similar to gabled roofs, hip roofs can direct rainwater and help preserve the home. In weather with strong winds, hip roofs are especially effective thanks to their aerodynamic design.

Upper Rail Portico

Upper rail portico’s are more of a style focused option. Upper rail portico’s can be integrated with flat roof portico’s and semi-circle designs. The very essence of this portico type is “grand”, this design was made with only aesthetic considered. This roofing gives the illusion of an upper balcony above the front door, something of strong class and style! Upper rail portico’s generally come with square posts, while you can opt. for round columns to give that dash of traditional look.

While generally this portico has no advantageous for home protection, it does offer the basic service of sunlight/heat reduction both inside the home and within the canopy area.

Don’t finish that dream home design without first considering dream home porch ideas that can enhance your curb appeal as well as give your home a strong sense of personal style! This little snippet barely scratches the surface of the options and customization’s available!

Be sure to give us a call when designing your home to see how we can incorporate these unique designs! We can also do remodels and addition!

Have a great day from us here at Xpand, Inc. 

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