Man Cave, Xpand Inc.

Man Caves: They are Better Than Actual Caves

Man Caves: They are Better Than Actual Caves The Real Power of Man Caves It’s no secret, we all need a place we can escape to so that we can re-energize and relax. At Xpand Inc, we have the solution, and for men, it’s the man cave. Man caves can be designed to fit every

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open view of living room, kitchen and dining room

Xpand Inc: Open Concept Kitchen Remodel

Xpand Inc: Open Concept Kitchen Remodel 5 Ideal Reasons why Opening your Kitchen to a Dining Room is Essential How frequently do you eat from your private dining room? Answering this question will considerably influence your choices when choosing to renovate your kitchen. For most Americans, the common dining space is used twice in a

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Xpand Kitchen

Xpand Your Homes Kitchen and Basement Options

Xpand Your Homes Kitchen and Basement Options The Perfect timing for kitchen and basement remodels Many people are not sure when the perfect time to start a remodel project is. There always seems to be a reason not to start a remodel and push it back, but that is exactly why right now would be

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Front view of custom home with wrap around porch and trees, Xpand Inc.

Xpand Your Home with a Porch for Every Season

Xpand Your Home with a Porch for Every Season Your Home Needs Many things go into completing your homes landscape. Everything from the lawn to the patio can work wonders to accentuate the beauty of a home’s exterior. Although many may not consider the porch as a prominent part of the landscape, the fact is,

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Sun Room, Home

The Perfect Addition for Any Home

The Perfect Addition for Any Home If you are seeking to add an extra space to your home where you can unwind and connect with the outdoors, a sun-room is a perfect addition. A sun-room will guarantee transitional spaces that can connect your home with your surroundings while protecting you from the sun, pesky insects,

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Kitchen Trends 2020

Kitchen Trends Going Into 2020 Your Kitchen is a huge factor in the overall design of your home. Your kitchen, unlike some other aspects of your home, has more permanent features that it’s comprised of. We’ve done many kitchen builds and remodels and through experience, have noticed the kitchen to be one of the hardest

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white paint in a red tray used for painting a gray wall

Updating Your Home without a Complete Remodel

Is your home feeling a little dated and needs a complete makeover? We can do a few things without doing a full makeover. It all starts with paint, painting can update an old door full of scratches and stains into something that you are proud to have in your home. Cabinets that are old and

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SHowing a renovated kitchen from xpand

Where To Start Your Remodeling

Starting To Think Home Remodel? Start With Us! Now that winter in Minnesota has arrived, spending more time inside is inevitable. It may be time to spruce up an area of your home. Doing so need not be a horrible thing. Remodeling can be as simple as putting in new floors or carpet, updating lights,

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finished product

Expanding Your Home in Every Season

Adding a 4-season porch off a house can be a simple yet effective way to add on to a home. Adding an addition like a 4-season porch can give you space that can an extra play room, studying, or just a quiet place to watch TV.  Living in Minnesota, the weather can be up and down

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