Bedroom remodeling ideas!

Now that the cold is sailing in on the frigid waves of winter, we all will be spending a bit more time indoors, which means our home will soon become subject to criticism due to constant interaction. So lets get the blood flowing and think of some new ideas for some indoor bedroom remodeling ideas! For the bedroom, we often have quarrels with the look of our closets. Our closets are usually the epitome of clutter and discord, so lets straighten that out and help reduce the stress of even looking in that direction! First off, we need to address the door, or doors that allow entry into the closet. This is the face of the closet and should be aesthetically pleasing to look at, and flow with the room. Take the doors from the closet and replace them with some hollow core doors for some light weight movement. Paint the doors a color that matches the surrounding environment or has a great compliment to it. There is also the option of altering the hollow core doors with some extra wooden bars across the doors, to give them a unique style and not be so flat. Next is the guts of the closet. There are many ways to go about this, you could have the back wall expanded and allow for a walk-in closet option, or even widened and turn it into a wrap around closet! After you’ve decided on your dimensions of the closet, you now need to choose a color for the inside of the closet. This color should match or compliment the walls outside of the closet as well, for a more appealing visual. Once that’s decided its important to address the layout inside of the closet. Will you just have a clothes rack? Will you implement a top shelf for more storage capabilities, as well as doors racks and ground level compartments? These need to be chosen according to your needs. If your closet is mainly clothes, then improve accordingly to what holds clothes and allows easy access the best! Congratulations! One closet is done!  Now you have the entire house to do! This is just the beginning! The closet is merely a part of a whole! You have the entire room to mess around with and re-design! If your interested in completely revamping a room, from the floor to the ceiling, you can always give us a call at Xpand inc. We are more than happy to help with those room remodel ideas during the winter! Until next time!