Autumn chill, time for the home checklist!

The chill in the air is finally here! The crisp leaves beneath our feet remind us it’s almost time for that long-awaited snow fall! In mentioning the ‘S’ word, we should ensure our home is ready for whats to come! We’ve put together a nice little list to help you keep track of the tasks that need attention! Ready…Set…Fall!
  • Gutters are full and it’s no bueno! It’s important to keep constant tabs on your gutters and downspouts. When the season involves any form of physical object flying through the sky, then there is a possibility of clogs! An easy way to prevent this is using gutter guards!
  • Wood trim is next on the list! Go around the home and check your wood trim using a screwdriver, looking for any form of crack/hole and be sure to fill those spaces in with caulk!
  • Believe it or not, the cooler weather (not cold weather) is a great time to paint the house! Have you been considering a new coat of paint to rejuvenate the look of your home? Now is the time!
  • With great caution, comes great safety..when checking your roof! Its important to make sure your roofs integrity is still in a good condition. Either check VERY CAREFULLY yourself, or hire a professional to see if there are any missing shingles or broken shingles that may result in a problem.
  • Frozen pipes suck, so lets avoid that whole mess. Turn off the valves running to exterior water pipes and then run those pipes until all the water is out of those pipes. If pipes have water in them when the temperature reaches freezing point, it can cause some serious damage or even cause the pipes to burst!
  • Wrapping exterior water pipes that run along the exterior walls in heating tape can save you energy and also prevent those pipes from freezing.
  • If your one of the homes that uses a hot water system for heating, be sure to drain the expansion tank. Follow up with a water pressure check and bleeding the radiators!
  • Move onto the Attic! Check the insulation is properly installed. The vapor barrier on the insulation should face down toward the living space. If this is not the case, then moisture will become trapped in the insulation causing some problems.
  • Go around your property and trim dead branches out of the trees to prevent them from falling during winter storms and possibly damaging something.
Alright team, lets get out there and get our home ready for the winter! Don’t forget to do the most important objective before winter gets here! That is to call us and start planning out your remodels or additions! We can plan ahead and when the spring hits, so will the hammer on the new construction! Hesitation doesn’t achieve dream homes!