6 Beautiful Open Kitchen Shelving Ideas

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Which room do you think is most cluttered in your house? Maybe the bedroom or the living room? According to a survey by Moen, the top three culprits are the garage, kitchen, and home office.

If your kitchen is cluttered, it can spread germs and is not appealing. So, this year transform your kitchen and declutter by storing items on an open shelf.

We’ll show you how. It is one of many simple yet effective open kitchen ideas that will change your day-to-day life.

Keep reading below to learn more.

1. Play With Shelving Shapes

Don’t fall into the trap of believing that shelving is only one block of rectangular wood. There are now many trendy styles and shapes for open shelving.

One of the biggest reasons for a cluttered kitchen is people storing items on countertops. So, if you need extra space, secure multi-level shelves on the walls.

Shelves with soft curves will create a calming environment. Then, you can easily store plates and dishes while adding a unique feature. Other open kitchen shelving ideas include cubed floating shelves, reversed corner shelving, and freestanding designs.

2. Freestanding Shelving

Stand-alone pieces are a fantastic solution for open kitchen shelving. They can often double the amount of storage.

And they are also large enough to host decorative pieces such as vases or statues. Knowing how to decorate open shelving for kitchens is important when seamlessly including them as a focal point.

3. Utilize Your Kitchen Island

Recently we’ve seen a 75% increase in searches for “kitchen island ideas” on Google.

Kitchen islands look tremendous and often include open kitchen cabinets underneath. They are perfect for storing pots and pans within easy reach. You may also use them to store spices and sauces. 

4. Parallel Open Shelves in Kitchen

Parallel shelving can create a sense of balance and harmony in your kitchen. For a lasting impact, style with pictures, flowers, or study how to decorate open kitchen shelving online.

Floating parallel shelves above the countertops will be easy to reach and use for daily items. Drip coffee makers, dishes, and utensils stored on parallel shelving seem contemporary and organized.

5. Open Pantry Shelves

Start with the pantry if you’re unsure what to store on your open shelf. Items such as rice, pasta, and dried food keep well in open kitchen cabinets.

In addition, you can store food in wicker baskets, color-coded tins, and clear jars.

6. Match Your Open Kitchen to Interior Style

So now you know the style of open shelves kitchen you want. Next, you need to match it to your overall interior design.

Farmhouse: Deep mahogany wood or soft natural pine is ideal in this style of open concept kitchen. These also look great in remodeled bedrooms.

Classical: For a classical and stylish kitchen, stick with soft white colors.

Modern: Consider brass fittings and non-standardized shapes.

Industrial: Thick gold piping works well with an open shelves kitchen. Get creative and hang shelves from the ceiling or extend them out from the wall.

Get Ready for Your Dream Open Shelf

From floating parallels to freestanding furnishings, an open shelf will transform your kitchen.

There are many kitchen shelving ideas and trends to explore. So, for more room transformations and home additions, contact us today. 

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