5 Quick and Easy Spring Cleaning Tips That Are Sure to Get Your House Done Fast!

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1. Multitasking-

Play some music in the background and sing along as you do mundane tasks such as folding laundry or picking up small things through out your house. Doing so will keep your mind off the task and will make it easier for you to accomplish your goal!

2. Vacuuming from the outside-  

Move from the corners in the farthest reach and then work towards the door. No foot prints means your floors are good to go!

3.  Lost and Found –

Items that seem to not have a home can be addressed in this area.  Once you have a spot you can look there first when you need the item again.

4.  Go in 5 at a time –

Do only 5 minute bursts to not overwhelm yourself.  Go in with a set task like sorting the papers on your counter.  This can help you set a habit to make it happen more often.

5. Right in the Door –

Make a area that is designated for your coats and hats and shoes by the door, Setup a shelf and hangers for shoes and your hats and coats.  This can make sure they are not strung around your entire house.

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