10 Parts of the Home You Can (And Should) Renovate in Winter

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The days are shorter and the sunlight is less available which can only mean one thing. Winter is here.

The reduced level of sunlight in the fall and winter can lead to mood changes and disorders that no one wants to experience. Yet, a lot of us tend to feel the changes in ourselves because of winter.

The key to fighting these feelings is staying busy, motivated, and creating a comfortable home space. So, what winter renovation project can you do to feel better? Read on to learn about 10 options.

1. Kitchen Countertops

Kitchen countertops are one of the best winter renovation ideas because it doesn’t involve a lot of trips outdoors. Plus, you can hire a contractor to complete the job and make things easier on you.

2. Lighting

Winter remodels might be as simple as switching out a few lightbulbs. Lighting in the home can drastically affect mood, especially in the winter.

To avoid seasonal depression when there is less daylight, create ambiance lighting. You can switch out current light bulbs with warmer tones.

3. Paint the Walls

Many homeowners tackle winter home projects like painting the walls. Paint dries quicker during the winter because of the dryness in the air.

4. New Carpet

Another one of the popular winter remodel ideas is to change the carpeting in the home. You could also replace your carpet completely and opt for hardwood flooring instead.

However, in the winter, fixing up your carpet could provide a cozier vibe.

5. Laundry Room Organization

If you can’t afford a winter home remodel, try something simple on a cold day when you are stuck indoors like organizing the laundry room. Although this is one of the more important rooms in a home, it is seldom remembered when it comes to decorating.

6. Kitchen Cabinets

Many homeowners choose to replace their kitchen cabinets when they no longer like their look. One of the cheaper winter home renovation ideas is painting them instead.

7. Adding Safety Features

During the winter months, house fires are more common. Because of this, winter is a good time to upgrade or add safety features around the home.

A good place to start is by checking smoke detectors and carbon monoxide detectors. Keep in mind that these tools have expiration dates you need to be aware of.

8. Kitchen Backsplash

Winter home renovation projects tend to include color. Homeowners want to combat the dreary season by creating a warm space.

You can introduce more color to your kitchen without breaking the bank by replacing your kitchen backsplash.

9. Attic and Basement

To combat the harsh winter weather, you should protect your interior spaces. Attics and basements tend to be the coldest rooms so the winter season might be a great time to reinsulate.

10. Update Plumbing

Avoid leaks, freezing pipes, and other plumbing problems this winter by updating your plumbing. Get a plumbing inspection at the beginning of the winter to tackle any issues you might have.

What Winter Renovation Project Will You Complete?

Staying indoors during the winter is ideal for many, but that doesn’t mean they don’t get a little stir crazy sometimes. When you are trapped inside the house due to winter weather, complete a winter renovation project to pass the time.

The truth is that winter is the perfect time to complete a variety of renovations around the home. If you want to cozy up and relax on the couch instead, hire professionals to do things for you.

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